Our Story

Hi, I'm Joe. I am a 4th generation beekeeper. I grew up working around the hives with my dad and grandpa and fell in love with beekeeping.

During my college years, I started with 200 hives and was able to grow to 800 hives over the next ten years. Today, Colony & Keeper keeps hives across Southern California and Colorado cultivating the best local honey from the wildflowers and clover of the area.

Bees live and work in community. Taking our cue from them, we value the same thing. We believe that local honey is better when the community is thriving. Investing in community is like making honey; it takes a lot of work and a good bit of time, but it is well worth the wait. This is where the vision for Colony & Keeper was born from. We love to share and teach about beekeeping in the local communities we serve.

We'd love for you to benefit from the best dessert nature offers and we'd love to share with you how it is made.